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~Purchase Pyramids~

Want to feel Pyramid Power? Buy all sizes of Giza and Nubian Meditation Pyramids, or make your own.


The Giza Pyramid 3D Corners Kit: Printed on my 3D printer to the same precise 51.8 degree angles as the one in Giza, Egypt.  It allows you to more...

From $75

The Nubian Foldup Meditation Pyramid: This pyramid uses the sacred number, Phi, integrated into the five-pointed star to determine its 72 degree more...

From only $250

Nubian and Giza Fold-up Cardboard Pyramids: Made from heavy-duty 275 lb test cardboard, precision cut to the same 51.83 or 72 degree slope angles as more...


New Book Cover Small.png

Deluxe Pyramid Blueprints:  Step-by-step instructions on how to build your own cardboard, hardboard, plywood, or Deluxe Meditation Pyramid in the Giza, Equilateral, Nubian, and Russian pyramid dimensions.

$9.95 to $39.95

Booklet Cover Small.jpg

Nubian and Giza Fold-up Hardboard Pyramids:  Made to sit on your counter top in order to energize water, wine (not included), fruits, veggies, or anything more...


The 12-Inch Giza Stone Pyramid:  This 12 inch (30 cm) wide stone pyramid is made by my neighbor with his $100,000 stone cutting machine. The accuracy of more...


The 2x2 Giza Meditation Pyramid:  This pyramid is 7' 10.5" wide (2.4 meters) and just over 5 feet (1.5 meters) high, which is plenty large enough to sit and more...


The Deluxe Giza Meditation Pyramid: This pyramid is built with the Sacred Number Phi integrated into it to give it nearly the exact same dimensions as that of more...


Want to make your own Deluxe Meditation Pyramid?

Check out my Pyramid Blueprints.

The Deluxe Nubian Meditation Pyramid: Similar to the pyramids of ancient Nubia, this pyramid uses Phi and the five-pointed star to determine its more...


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