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Want to feel Pyramid Power? Buy all sizes of Giza and Nubian Meditation Pyramids, or build your own. Made without metal, which can absorb Pyramid Energy. I make wood, stone, cardboard, and copper handcrafted pyramids.

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Pi, Phi, & the Russian Pyramids

Over the years, there have been different opinions on how to calculate the dimensions of the Great Pyramid.  This, in part, is due to the amount of erosion (and perhaps vandalism) that this great monument has endured over the millenniums.  Some people believe that the builders deliberately integrated pi (3.1415926...) into its dimensions, while others have believed that phi (1.618034...) was used.  Pi is defined by the ratio of the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter.  In the pi method of calculating the dimensions of the Great Pyramid, the perimeter of the pyramid is pi, and its height is 0.5.  This correlates to the perimeter being equivalent to the circumference of the circle, while the height is its radius.  This method of calculation would make the slope angle of the Great Pyramid 51.85 degrees.  In the phi method of calculation, the height of one of the triangular faces of the pyramid is phi, while the height of the pyramid is the square root of phi:

With the phi method of calculation, the slope angle of the Great Pyramid would be 51.83 degrees.  The difference between these two methods of calculation is a mere 0.0267 degrees, or 1.6 minutes of arc.

Is there a "perfect" slope angle to make a pyramid the most powerful?  I don't believe so.  In fact, almost every pyramid in Egypt has slightly different angles, including the three great ones at Giza.  There is evidence from the Bent Pyramid that the angles of the pyramids were restricted to a certain shallowness.  The Bent Pyramid was originally built to very near the 54.74 degree slope angle of an equilateral pyramid.  But while under construction, it was radically changed to a 43 degree slope angle at the top.  It is likely that the collapse of the Meidum Pyramid during construction of the Bent Pyramid was the reason it was changed.

Later, in ancient Nubia, which is south of Egypt in the current-day country of Sudan, over two hundred stone pyramids were built.  They were smaller and steeper, with their slopes being between 70-72 degrees.

It appears that the pyramids of ancient Nubia were an inspiration for the modern-day Russian pyramids which have amazing experimental claims attributed to them.  The actual dimensions of these pyramids have been not well-publicized.  I have recently learned that they supposedly determined the angles by taking two adjacent circles, one on top and one on the bottom, and made the diameter of the top circle 1 and the diameter of the bottom one phi, or 1.618034.  They then made tangent lines from the two circles, making each of the four triangular sides of the pyramid.  This method, if accurate, puts the Russian pyramids at a slope angle of 76.35 degrees, which is even steeper than the Nubian pyramids.

So is there some magical dimension that makes a pyramid special?  The Great Pyramid has a slope angle of approximately 51.83 degrees, an equilateral pyramid has a slope angle of 54.74 degrees, the Nubian pyramids have slope angles of about 72 degrees, and the Russian pyramids supposedly have slope angles of 76.35 degrees.  Some say one is better than the other; others say the exact opposite.  On the Law of One website, Ra states that for the ideal proportions, if the height of the pyramid is 1, then the sum of the four base sides is 1.16, which translates to a slope angle of 81.72 degrees, which is even steeper than the Russian pyramids.

Just like in the tuning of a radio station, I would not be surprised if specific dimensions of a pyramid will resonate with certain frequencies.  That is one reason that I try to be as precise as I can when making a pyramid of a specific dimension.  But I do not believe that any one dimension is the "best" dimension that a pyramid can be.


My personal experiences have been that while inside a pyramid that I have built with the Giza dimensions, the energy feels more peaceful to me.  I notice that it helps me become calmer, more peaceful and centered, and I seem to get into a deeper state of meditation quicker.  The Nubian pyramids that I sell, on the other hand, feel more powerful, like it has a driving energy to it.  This, I feel, is more conducive to when I want actively manifest and create change in my life.


I don't believe that one dimension of pyramid is better than the other.  I see them as having different "flavors" of the same pyramid energy.  You tune into one station, and you get classical music.  You tune into another, and you get raging dance music.  It is not that one is better than the other.  It just depends upon what you feel like listening to.

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