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Want to feel Pyramid Power? Buy all sizes of Giza and Nubian Meditation Pyramids, or build your own. Made without metal, which can absorb Pyramid Energy. I make wood, stone, cardboard, and copper handcrafted pyramids.

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The Ideal Sized Pyramid

Many years ago, I was listening to a specialty CD of a collection of teachings by Ramtha about pyramids.  In it, Ramtha recommended making a pyramid to 1-1/3 times your height.  So if you were 6 feet tall, then he recommended your pyramid to be 8 feet high.  I did some calculations, and realized that when one is sitting in their ideal-sized pyramid, the center of their head is right at the King's Chamber level in the pyramid, one-third up from the base, where the energy supposed to be is the most concentrated.

Diagram of an ideal-sized pyramid where the head of the person sitting inside it is at the King's Chamber level.

If you were sitting on a cushion, this would raise you up a couple of inches or so.  In order to adjust for that, you would want to measure the top of your head when you are sitting on the floor without it, and then measure again while you are sitting on it to find out how much this raises you up.  So say for example, you were 5' 9" (or 69") tall, and you were sitting on a cushion that raised you up 3 inches.  Then first multiply your height by 4/3 to get 92".  Then multiply 3 inches by 3 to get 9" and add that to 92" to get 101" for the ideal height of your pyramid.

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