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How Pyramids Work

While there is no "scientific evidence" that pyramid power exists, there have been many claims over the years attributing to the supernatural properties of the pyramid; so much so, that it is difficult to say that it is just coincidence or the work of over-active imaginations in some sort of world-wide, cross-cultural mass hysteria.  Pyramids have been known to mummify dead animals, energize water, to dry and preserve food, make plants grow wild, enhance the favor of foods, produce altered states of elements, improve health and vitality, increase telepathic abilities and to sharpen your mind.  There are even claims of pyramids being able to pull free energy from the ether, as well as sharpening razor blades, for which Karel Drbal was issued a Czechoslovakian patent back in 1959.


I will be the first to tell you that I don't know everything about pyramids.  In fact, I don't think there is anyone who really understands everything about them.  I believe that there is still a lot to be discovered about them, which is a wonderful thing.

Ramtha, in a specialty CD on pyramids, has talked about an etheric field running in a north-south direction through the earth that is responsible for keeping the axis of the earth in the current orientation that it is in, much like the spinning of a top.  He has said that this field, along with the magnetic field of the earth, is tapped by the pyramid and concentrated in its center, where it can be harnessed.  I also personally have to wonder if the pyramid is also tapping the centrifugal force caused by the rotation of the earth. 

According to Ramtha, a metallic pyramid harnesses the electromagnetic field of the earth, and tends to concentrate its energies onto the surface of the pyramid, where the metal is.  These pyramids should be aligned to magnetic North to have the greatest effect.  Non-metallic pyramids, being composed of non-conductive materials like wood and stone, consist of the majority of the pyramids around the earth: from the Great Pyramid in Giza, to the ones in China and Turkey, to those that exist in North and South America.  These pyramids are said to harness the north-south etheric energy running through the earth, and because of this, they should be aligned to true north.  Non-metallic pyramids tend to concentrate their energies into the center of the pyramid, and thus the reason for its name "Pyr-a-mid," or "Fire-in-the-Middle."

According to experiments done by Patrick Flanagan, both metallic and non-metallic pyramids are most effective aligned to magnetic north.  I bring this up to illustrate the point that different sources will claim different things about pyramids, and that ultimately, you must follow your own inner intuition to decide what is true, and what is not.  Ramtha claims that pyramids act as amplifiers of one's thought energy.  Patrick Flanagan uses the term "psychotronic" to describe them as influenced by human thought.  If these claims are true, which I believe them to be, then whatever you believe about pyramids will be empowered in them.  With this understanding, it is not surprising that different experimenters with pyramids will get wildly-varying results, and hence the challenge of creating a valid scientific experiment that could be consistently repeatable by others.


The idea of the placebo effect cannot be avoided here:  It often believed that if something happens because of the placebo effect, then it is fake--that it was only in your mind.  Let me be clear here:  The placebo effect is a true unexplainable scientific phenomenon.  People have done miraculous things from the so-called placebo effect, including instantaneous healings that defy medical explanation.  The placebo effect is a testament to the power of the mind.  Indeed, I believe that everything is under the influence of the mind, and if we were to have even the "faith of a mustard seed," then we could move mountains. 


So a pyramid could be considered to be a "placebo enhancer," meaning that it empowers the belief of the one engaging it.  And if that is what it is, then it is the most powerful instrument there is to help us heal, grow, and to evolve.  It will bring out, I believe, what is hidden within us, what we can't see.  It will show us what we really believe, and I think that is a good thing.

Ramtha claims that for non-metallic pyramids, like the Great Pyramid, the greatest concentration of energy is located at what is called the King's Chamber.  This is also the geometric center of the pyramid, located at one-third up its height from its base.  I have heard many people state the belief that the King's Chamber is located two-thirds up the height in the Great Pyramid, and is thus the most powerful point in any pyramid.  While this may be a powerful spot in a pyramid (simply because so many people believe it to be so, if nothing else!), it is not the geometric center of a pyramid, nor is it where the King's Chamber sits.  It would not surprise me if a pyramid generates different energy centers ascending up the middle, much like the chakras of the human energy body.  The pictures below are kirlian photographs, with the one on the left is supposed to be an unadulterated picture taken of a plexiglas pyramid back in the 1970s, while the picture on the right is one of Patrick Flanagan's "pyramid grids."

Kirlian photograph of plexiglas pyramid with spiraling pyramid energy.
Kirlian photograph of a pyramid grid showing pyramid energy radiating out of apexes.

Notice the spiraling energy moving up out of the apexes.  Apparently, pyramids radiate their energy up out of the apex, and is supposedly why the Great Pyramid had either a solid gold or copper capstone on top of it.  This capstone was said to have defected the energy back down to the King's Chamber, where the initiate would be influenced for the greater good of realizing her Godself.  I have personally been inside the Great Pyramid, and as I ascended up the stairway through the Grand Gallery leading up to the King's Chamber, the energy became so intense, that it felt almost palpable.

When I sleep in one of my pyramids that I have built for myself, I get the best sleep, and seem to need from 1-2 hours less of it.  I have also had so many amazing thoughts "out of the blue," giving me solutions to problems that I was thinking about while inside one.  And I just feel more centered and peaceful while I am inside one.  If it is true that pyramids act as an amplifier of one's thought energy, then it is very important when you are sitting inside one to be of clear mind and of clear intent.  I believe that a pyramid can be a useful tool if you focus on a thought or an idea that you want to manifest into your life, as it will likely amplify that thought accordingly.  Also, if one is trying to clear one's thoughts, as is done in many forms of meditation, the intent of that thought is amplified, and one can go into a deeper state of focus and peace much more quickly and easily, which I have found time and again.

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