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These are some of my favorite books that I have ever read, books that have changed my life and how I live in and see the world.  I get a small commission from any purchase, which is paid by Amazon, not you.  Click on the image of the book to see details on Amazon.

One of my favorite books in the entire world, this is the story Joseph-bar-Joseph, channeled through the author.  Even though the book says it is not about Jesus, I believe that it is--written by him where we get to understand his innermost thoughts and the initiations that he went through with the inner, esoteric religions and practices of the Druids, the Hindus, the Persians, and finally, the Egyptian religion.  This is the story of the eternal initiate--which ultimately, will become each and every one of us one fine day.

This is probably the most well-known book on my list.  Things weren't going well for Neale Donald Walsch.  Having financial troubles and coming off of a bitter divorce, in his anger and frustration, he decided to write a letter to God.  After he finished, he felt compelled to keep his hand on the paper.  Slowly, it started to write.  It was a question: "Do you really want an answer to all these questions, or are you just venting?"  What followed was an incredible conversation with "God," dealing with all kinds of questions, mysteries, and challenges in life, not from a "Thou shalt" sort of way, but more as a friend and companion where one can't help but be moved by the heart-felt and astonishing answers that were written down.

Hans Burgner never wanted to die.  Living in Germany back in the 1500s when alchemy was widely respected as a legitimate science, he became obsessed with finding an adept who possessed the Red Lion and the key to eternal life.  Willing to obtain it at all costs, he succeeded...but was it worth the cost?  Revealing what occurs when we have our third eye permanently ripped open before we are ready, we follow Hans in his struggle to undo a terrible mistake, stumbling from one life to another at the mercy of astral beings, slowly finding his way out of the living hell he plunged into until he eventually evolves into an adept himself.  Written as a novel, I believe it is much, much more than that.

Elizabeth Haich gives a first-hand account of her past life as a princess in the Egyptian dynasty back when the pharaoh, her father, was a god-realized initiate.  As a young woman, she desperately wanted to be trained for her own initiation in the Great Pyramid, and was denied twice by her father, knowing she wasn't ready.  The third time she asked, he obliged, following an ancient law, even knowing she wasn't ready.  After several years of training, she finally got her initiation, but it wasn't what she was expecting.  This book gives incredible insights as to what Egypt was like during the height of its spiritual power...and what it is like to undergo a True Initiation.

A truly out-of-this-world book about Amenhotep IV, who changed his name to Akhunaton and revolutionized the Egyptian religion, turning it on its head with the intention of bringing divinity back within the common person.  A great Initiate with extra-terrestrial origins (which seems feasible, as the ancient hieroglyphs portray him and his family with extremely elongated heads), he endeavored to remove the stranglehold of the corrupt priesthood and to free the people.  But the one who started their systematic enslavement thousands of years ago, still lurking in the shadows, had other plans...

This story is based upon actual historical events and may be more true than it is not.

Alfonso Colono was born back in the 1800s into a family whose parents were part of the Great White Brotherhood.  Having a similar passion for the unseen and for the occult, along with a fierce intensity to become all that is within the capacity of the human condition, he quickly moved through the different grades of the order until he was able to transmute his fleshy body into the higher spiritual realms and continue the adventure from there.  Written as an exciting novel that parallels some parts of history, while sometimes shifting into other past potentials that could have occurred, there is too much in this story for me to believe that it was completely made up.

Of all of the books that I have read, this one has changed my life the most.  Written by two authors, one of whom has gone out-of-body hundreds--if not thousands--of times, it is a full-on "90-day" course which involves day-by-day progressive exercises to train one to leave their body.  For about six months, I did this course at my own pace, spending on average 1.5 to 2 hours each day with it.  Then, in about a period of two weeks, I had three consciously-induced OOBE's.  After that, unfortunately, I started college full-time and couldn't continue.  But it showed to me first-hand that I am more than just a physical body.  If you want to have OOBE's and have the time, get this book.

William Morgan was a man who, according to the history books, was believed to have been kidnapped and killed by the Freemasons for revealing some of its secrets, which became a catalyst for the inception of the Anti-Masonic party back in 1828.  Etidorhpa tells us a very different story about what really happened to him after his capture.  Taken by an eyeless guide through a hidden cave in Kentucky into inner earth, he experienced what extremely few of us "outsiders" have ever been able to see.  This is the best inner earth book I have ever read, which is filled with very convincing and scientific arguments by his guide on how a hollow earth could indeed exist.  The saying, "Truth is stranger than fiction" truly applies to this book. In my mind, it is so incredible, how could it not be true?

Never has a book made me laugh or cry as much as this one.  Written by Mark Twain, he considered it his best work of all time...and I agree.  While written in Twain's pomp and style, with plenty of literary license, he actually spent 12 years of his life researching Joan of Arc, as well as visiting France and reading the actual archives from her trial at the end of her life.  Mark Twain gives an accurate rendition of her life, according to what has been written down in history, while turning it into a truly engaging novel that does justice to perhaps the most courageous, spiritual, and greatest woman this planet has ever known.

After the latest Star Trek reboot movie with Chris Pine fell apart due to financial bickering and squabbling, I decided to write my own Star Trek movie, one that included not only all of the actors from the new version, but also many of the major Star Trek icons from the older series, including William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, and Kate Mulgrew.  This keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat action-packed script gives a very different perspective of what might happen to us after we die that is both chilling and thought-provoking.  Of course I could be biased, but I think this script would become one of the franchise's biggest box office hits should it ever see the light of the silver screen.

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