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Want to feel Pyramid Power? Buy all sizes of Giza and Nubian Meditation Pyramids, or build your own. Made without metal, which can absorb Pyramid Energy. I make wood, stone, cardboard, and copper handcrafted pyramids.

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These are some of the unsolicited testimonials about the pyramids I sell that I have received from my customers over the years... 

Kudos to Craig's Pyramids!

I have one of Craig's pyramids about 25 feet from my house, and it's been a wonderful experience. Seems to me that the Christed energy permeates a much wider radius than just within the pyramid itself -- I can feel the energy from inside the house! It's wonderful having Christed energy in my bands and surroundings.  I believe it is working constantly in my deeper-self and helping me to Overcome to Become. It also seems to attract birds, orbs, plasma.  Such a wonderful healing and transmutational energy!  In the summer I occasionally sleep within it, and sometimes wake up with my bands humming audibly, and on one of those occasions, a wild bird landed on my head! That was a priceless moment!  Here is a picture taken close by the pyramid at night -- an orb/plasma cloud so thick you can barely see the grass.  The energy of it was great joy, very great joy.  The second picture, with the Blue and Gold is so "dense" that you can't see the trees behind it.  I am profoundly grateful that Craig developed these remarkable precision instruments of Joy and Love. I marvel how precisely the dowels fit together and how patiently he must have worked the craftsmanship in order to create the templates so that each one is perfect and wondrously beautiful. This pyramid has been moved once, and with the care of using the right oils, it was preserved well over winter, and when it was reconstructed, it was perfect, as before.  I think Craig's pyramids are true Masterpieces.  I would be honored to accept potential buyers to come see this pyramid.

~Ariza in Roy, Washington


WOW!!! The pyramid arrived. It is PERFECT !! You are amazing !! To be able to perfect the connections like that is so impressive. You packed it
perfectly, too. Thank you.
~Anne P. from Lake Barrington, IL


Thanks again for building this pyramid and helping me set it up.  It has been incredible from day 1.  I haven't slept so good in a long time, night after night even.  I actually feel my body repairing itself like when I was much younger.  I am sure I'll have more great experiences in the future.  I will keep you posted on building my next one sometime before summer.
Thanks again!
~Rob M. from Olympia, WA


Here are some unsolicited testimonials I have received by my customers for my Pyramid Blueprints...

...and also, what an awesome product you offer! I tried to start building a pyramid myself and hit a brick wall almost immediately. I had a vision that I needed to build a pyramid and now I have found your website and purchased your plans I am very very excited.  Thanks again Craig, your plans are so detailed with great pictures I should be able to sail through them.
~Brad from Australia.


Thanks Craig,
Everything you have done deserves 5 stars! The fantastic and meaninful product/concept you chose to market, your website, your information, your clear and professional plans and your superfast after-sales service. Much appreciated in this era of "no-care about you but only your money" attitude. You give so much for so little. 
Thank you!
Kindest regards,
Amelia, from Santa Ovaia, Portugal



Now the challenge is to build a pyramid from your plans. My tools are limited and mitre cuts are very challenging with what I have. I would buy a kit if I have the extra money to do that.

I really like the way you have cut and put the pieces together. This far better, acurate and more detailed than what Patrick Flanagan wrote in his book and with his work on the correct dimensions of the pyramids.

Talk to you again,

~Rob T.



Hi Craig,

Thank you so much for answering back, and for the plans. They came through perfectly.

Making this pyramid is a Christmas present for our son. He plans to use it for meditation, and has been waiting since Christmas for us to finish it. We bought the wood and thought we could figure out the cuts on our own, but its very apparent that they are more precise and not as easy as we thought. We have a much greater appreciation for the ancient Egyptians now!

Thank you again,

~Vicki T.


I want to thank you.  I am a fine woodworker and have been experimenting on making pyramids for a while now.  In a moment of complete frustration, I ran across your site and did something I very rarely do, pay someone I do not know for their knowledge.
About a week ago, I downloaded your plans, used your info, and just completed my first pyramid.  So I thank you...
...At any rate, thank you again.  My hours of trial and error, or more accurately frustration, are over.
Be well.

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