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The 12-Inch Giza Stone Pyramid

The 12-Inch Giza Stone Pyramid in green turtle granite

This 12 inch (30 cm) wide stone pyramid is made by my neighbor, Paul, with his $100,000 stone cutting machine. The accuracy of this machine working with stone is far more accurate than anything I can do with wood. His machine can make cuts with an accuracy approaching 1/100th of one degree, and are cut near to the same 51.83 degree Giza angles as the rest of my pyramids. There are a variety of stones available to choose from: red travertine, red marble, black granite, brown and white granite as well as other beige and off colors of marble. You may also be able to special order a specific stone or a different size than what is listed here. The steeper 72 degree Nubian dimensions can also be made. Contact me if you have any questions, or would like to know what is available. 

$695 plus shipping.

If you live in:

The United States

$120 Shipping


$240 Shipping

More Pictures:

This is Paul, next to his $100,00 stone cutting machine.

Another pyramid he has made out of white onyx:

A white onyx stone pyramid on a pedestal.
Holding a white onyx stone pyramid.
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