The Thirteen Inch Giza Pyramid

13" Giza Pyamid with $2 bill for comparison

This is such a luxurious, silky-smooth pyramid that you can place it on your mantelpiece to show off, as well as to do experiments with. It is 13 inches (33 cm) wide, over 8 inches (21 cm) high, and is made from carefully-selected pine or spruce 1x12s and cut as close as possible to the same 51.83 degree dimensions as the Great Pyramid, using the phi method to calculate the slope angle.  It is coated with two layers of amber shellac and sanded down to 800 grit for an all-natural, protective glossy finish, and has no metal in it whatsoever.  It is hollow on the inside to allow for experiments to be done, like sharpening razor blades, mummifying food, or anything else you can imagine. 

The stand inside the 13" Pyramid.

Now it comes with an optional removable stand and base!  The removable stand is set to the exact height of the King's Chamber, one-third up from the base, at the most powerful spot in the pyramid, while the base allows for easy lifting and handling of the pyramid.  

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