The Super Deluxe Giza Meditation Pyramid

Made from 44 individually-cut pieces of wood, and held together with 128 wooden dowels, this pyramid is also built with the Sacred Number Phi integrated into it to make it to within 1/10 of a degree of the same 51.83 degree dimensions as the Great Pyramid. It is made from 36 carefully-selected, straight and relatively knot-free 2x4s that have been jointed, planed, 24 of which have been rip cut at exact angles in accordance with the angles of the Great Pyramid.  This pyramid is held together only with wooden dowels and has no metal in it whatsoever, which can interfere with the energy of the pyramid.  Because it is held together with dowels, it can be assembled and disassembled at any time with no tools required. It is sanded down to a smooth finish and coated with either 100% all-natural tung oil, or a Sikkens oil-base product (your choice) to withstand the elements.  It is custom-built to your ideal size so that you get the most use of the energy that forms in the center of the pyramid while you are sitting inside it.  There is a message box when you order to tell which oil you want, as well as your height so I can calculate your ideal-sized pyramid.  This pyramid is handmade with over 100 hours of exacting work, with attention to precision and fine detail, and I believe that this is the most powerful pyramid that I sell. 

$5995 plus shipping.

If you live in:

Continental US

$495 Shipping

AK, HI, Canada

$985 Shipping


$2495 Shipping

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