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The Solid Wood Giza Pyramid Paperweight

Pyramid Paperweight: Solid wood replica of the Great Pyramid

This genuine replica of the Great Pyramid is cut to within 1/10 of a degree to the same precise 51.83 degree angles as the one in Giza, Egypt.  It is approximately 5.25 inches (13.3 to 14 cm) wide, and has been coated with two layers of amber shellac and sanded down to 800 grit for an all-natural, glossy finish.  This attractive paperweight is great for an eye-catching desktop decoration and to enhance the energy of a room.  It can also be put under a chair for interesting results or under your bed at the level of your head, your heart, or wherever you may be feeling pain.  (Sacagawea $1 coin not included.)

$35.00 plus shipping.

If you live in:

The United States

$9 Shipping


$14 Shipping


$19 Shipping

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