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The Deluxe Nubian Meditation Pyramid

Customer sitting inside The Deluxe Nubian Meditation Pyramid

Similar to the pyramids of ancient Nubia, this pyramid uses Phi and the five-pointed star to determine its 72 degree slope angle. It is made from 12 carefully selected and relatively knot-free 2x4s that have been jointed and planed to make them as straight as possible and is securely held together only with wooden dowels and has no metal in it whatsoever, which can interfere with the energy of the pyramid.  Because it is held together with dowels, it can be assembled and disassembled at any time, with no tools required.


This pyramid is over 4.5 feet (1.4 meters) wide at the base, and over 7 feet (2.1 meters) high.  It is sanded extra-smooth and coated with 100% pure dark tung oil for all-natural protection for both indoors and outdoors.   This pyramid is handmade with exacting care, with attention to precision and fine detail.

$2950 plus shipping.

If you live in:

Continental US

$175 Shipping

AK, HI, Canada

$295 Shipping


$950 Shipping

More Pictures:

With a 72 degree slope angle, the Nubian pyramid has the same cross section of the top triangle in the pentagram.

The Deluxe Nubian Meditation Pyramid
Testing out one of my Deluxe Nubian Meditation Pyramids
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