The Giza Copper Pyramid Capstone

It has been said that the Great Pyramid used to have a capstone on top of it made out of either solid gold or copper.  Apparently, its purpose was to deflect the spiraling energy rising up through the center of the pyramid back down into the King's Chamber.  I honestly do not know whether it would do this or not, since it is my understanding that metal absorbs pyramid energy, so I leave it up to your knowingness to decide.  For those who feel it could be beneficial, this 12-inch (30 cm) wide capstone has the same dimensions as the rest of my Giza pyramids, and fits nicely on the top of them, including the Corners Kit.  The capstone is made from pure, solid copper sheeting and could also be used on its own for decorative as well as experimental purposes, but please note that a patina will gradually form on the surface of the copper if it is left outside.

$275 plus shipping.

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