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Want to feel Pyramid Power? Buy all sizes of Giza and Nubian Meditation Pyramids, or build your own. Made without metal, which can absorb Pyramid Energy. I make wood, stone, cardboard, and copper handcrafted pyramids.

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A Note About Shipping Costs

In January of 2018, both UPS and Fedex dramatically raised their shipping rates for both my larger Nubian Foldup Meditation Pyramids and my Giza 2x2 Meditation Pyramids.  Where it usually had cost less than $50 to ship either of these pyramids anywhere within the Continental US, it now costs over $150 to do so.  In an effort to keep shipping costs down, I am actually taking a loss in shipping both of these pyramids.  If anyone knows of a cheaper way to ship these pyramids, please let me know by emailing me from the picture below.  The dimensions and weights for each of these pyramids are as follows:

The Nubian Foldup Meditation Pyramid: 106x5x5 and 20 pounds.

The 2x2 Giza Meditation Pyramid: 106x8x4 and 40 pounds.

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