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The Jumbo 22 Inch Giza Pyramid

The Jumbo 22 Inch Giza Pyamid with at comparison.

This mantelpiece pyramid is luxurious and silky-smooth, just like the Thirteen-Inch Pyramid, and is the largest solid walled pyramid I sell.  It is 22 inches (56 cm) wide at the base, and over 14 inches (35 cm) high.  It also comes with an optional removable stand and base.  The stand is built so that whatever you place upon it will be one-third up from the base, at the most powerful place in the pyramid: The King's Chamber. 

The pyramid is made from blocks of pinewood, laminated together liken to a wood floor, and is cut to nearly the same 51.83 degree dimensions as the Great Pyramid. It is coated with two layers of amber shellac on the outside and sanded down to 800 grit for a glossy, all-natural, protective finish, and has no metal in it whatsoever.  It is also hollow on the inside to allow for experiments to be done, like sharpening razor blades, mummifying food, or anything else you can imagine. 

The stand inside the 22" Jumbo Pyramid.

If you live in:

The Cpntinental US

Hawaii or Alaska


$135 Shipping

$195 Shipping

$95 Shipping

Contact me for shipping rates to countries other than Canada or the United States.

More Pictures:

Pyramid pedestal with a tangerine.
The 22" Jumbo Giza Pyramid: top view
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