Precision Pyramids

Handmade Wooden Meditation Pyramids

Shipping Costs

You may have noticed that the shipping and handling prices for some of my pyramids--especially my custom-built pyramids--are, unfortunately, rather costly. There are two reasons for this:  The first one is that most of my meditation pyramids are oversized packages because of their length.  In fact, my custom-built Deluxe Giza Pyramids are so long (up to 16 feet in length) that the only way I can ship them is through freight.  As for my Super Deluxe Model, it has to be shipped in 7 individual packages, (6 of the 7 being about 8 feet long) each weighing approximately 35-50 pounds, because the total pyramid weighs somewhere between 200-275 pounds.  Not to mention that UPS says they have to handle a four foot drop, which means that I not only have to construct my own cardboard boxes (because try finding a company that has 8 foot long boxes in stock), but I also have to reinforce the boxes with wooden slats, and strap them down real good.  Translation:  A lot of work. 

I try to make my shipping prices as fair as possible for everyone living in the continental U.S. by having a single price (my apologies to those who live further away), and because of this, there can be times where I will actually be paying more to ship the product than I charge my customer.  Add to that increasing gas prices, and you can see the reason they are what I am charging.








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