Precision Pyramids

Handmade Wooden Meditation Pyramids

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My First Deluxe Pyramid Built For A CustomerAnother Shot of the 44-Piece PyramidOne of my pyramids built for someone in MontanaClose-up of a corner of a pyramid 

Pyramid Being Tested In My WorkshopFine-Tuning Pyramid DowellingPyramid EndpiecesPyramid Art

Pyramids And RhododendronsGroovy Pyramid PhotoPyramid ApexPyramid on Ice 

Psychedelic Pyramid ShotNeo Pyramid ArtClose-Up of Lower Middle Pyramid JointReally, Really Psychedelic Pyramid Picture 

Another Picture of Montana PyramidPicture of me in my very first Standard Giza Pyramid, built over 10 years ago. I tried coating the pyramid with beeswax, which didn't work too well, as it melted in the sun.Iced Pyramid

Close-Up Picture of Meditation Pyramid in Montana 

Another Angle of My Pyramid Workshop12-Inch White Giza PyramidAnother Angle of the 12-Inch White PyramidStore-Front Pyramid Photo