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I am always looking for new information, so please contact me if there is something you think I should see.

Free Energy Pyramid Video:  This is the first of a 13-part series how to make a free energy device using a pyramid.  Thomas Trawoger originally put out a video in 2006 for his original creation which was swiped away by other interests.  This is a new creation of his that is an improvement of his old device.  Over three hours of step-by-step, do-it-yourself awesomeness.  Check out part 13 first to see his free energy pyramid in action:

The Russian Pyramids:  Over 20 huge pyramids have been recently built here in the steeper angles like those of ancient Nubia.  See pictures of them here.  They have done some incredible scientific experiments, with published results here, including one showing a video of super-cooled water that stayed liquid at 38 degrees below zero.  Here is a gee-whiz for you:  Their largest pyramid is about 144 feet high, and yet the whole structure doesn't weigh as much as some of the heavier stone blocks of the Great Pyramid.  Super-cooled water:

Seed of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty:  This is an amazing free online book written by John Burke and Kaj Halberg.  They travel around the world, searching for power places and measuring them with their scientific equipment.  The best scientific evidence I know of showing the power of ley lines and ancient sites, including the Great Pyramid.

The Bosnian Pyramids:  Some say these are the world's largest pyramids, dwarfing even the Great Pyramid in Egypt.  Others say it is just a mountain.  Whatever it is, I would say that it is big.  Excavations into these huge pyramidal mountains have revealed miles and miles of tunnels, rockwork...and who knows what will be next.  The excavations continue.  Here is an arial video clip of the largest mountain.  This is a video of some detailed excavations going on there.  This is a video inside one of the tunnels in the "mountain."

PyramidCam Live:  An awesome website about Egypt and the Great Pyramids, with its most impressive feature being a live camera focused on the Great Pyramids 24 hours a day.

Summerhill Pyramid Winery:  Another awesome website about the winery in Kelowna, British Columbia, that ferments their wines in a 900 square foot pyramid, constructed out of concrete and to the same angles as the Great Pyramid--and without any metal whatsoever--in true Giza fashion!  Lots of wonderful tidbits about the Great Pyramid, and about pyramids in general.

Crystalinks Metaphysical and Science Website:  A HUGE website on pretty much anything you might be looking for having to do with the metaphysical.  Among its interesting links to do with pyramids:  The Pyramids Index, which lists everything about pyramids from around the world on the site.  The Chinese Pyramids, which shows awesome pictures of "The Great White Pyramid" in China.  And Sacred Geometry, which talks about Phi, the Sacred Number integrated into all of nature, and which I use to build my pyramids.

About--Pyramid Power:'s section on pyramids.  Lots of different articles and thoughts about pyramids from people all over the world.  Note the articles in the subtopics, especially Ancient Pyramids and The Great Pyramid.

Kingdom Care:  A wonderful little website on a mental health center based out of Toronto, Canada, that uses alternative methods of treating mental health issues, including the use of meditation pyramids.  See their page on meditation pyramids here.

The Fiery Forms:  A website for all of you pyramid enthusiasts down under.  This site sells wooden pyramids similar to mine based out of New Zealand.  A lot of interesting links and articles, including one about Phi.

The Osho Pyramid In India:  Awesome pictures of this amazing retreat center in Pune, India by the website, a research assosiation on the Pyramids of Giza.  Be sure to check out the pictures of the Osho Pyramid here as well.

Divine Cosmos:  An incredible website by a really cool dude who seems to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.  He does talk about pyramids in various different materials (there used to be an online book with a chapter dedicated to torsion fields and the effects with pyramids) on the site, but I don't know where now.  If anybody finds any specific links on his site, let me know.

"Pyramid Power" Helps My Rabbits Grow:  A great article in Mother Earth News (a great magazine dedicated to helping people live in a more harmonious way with Mother Earth) about a person who had great results raising his rabbits in a pyramid rabbit hutch.  Done in a true scientific manner with controls (rabbits living in a normal hutch).  He also gives plans on how to make your own pyramid rabbit hutch in case you wanted to repeat the experiment.  (Thank you John for tipping me off about this link.)

Pyramids:  An interesting site that has pyramids that have been built from all over the world, from the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt to the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco, CA.  Some very cool pyramid pictures, including this picture of the Giant Glass Pyramid at the Louvre in Paris, France.

Pyramid Energy Research:  An interesting article about pyramids.

Meditation Inside A Pyramid:  Another interesting article on pyramids.  A little resort in the Andes mountains in Patagonia where you can stay in pyramid-shaped cabins in a most idyllic and magical place.

100 Pyramid Links:  Not finding enough on pyramids?  Well, here ya go.  All kinds of links about pyramids in this section of the Biggest Mysteries Megasite On Planet Earth.  Which it probably is, by the way.  You can find anything on there from UFO's to the Bermuda Triangle to Joan of Arc to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  Very interesting site.


Other Interesting Links:

Ramtha's School of Enlightenment:  A school dedicated to developing our fullest potential and opening up the remaining 90% of our brains that has so far been unused.  Developing psychic abilites, remote viewing, healing, and addressing and overcoming those blocks that keep us from manifesting what we truly want in our lives are just some of the many teachings that are given by the 35,000 year-old ascended master, Ramtha, as channelled through JZ Knight.

Ramtha-and-Me:  This is a new book that has been written by a fellow student of mine, Amber Wiltsie, who has been in the school for over 20 years.  It about her experiences and how the school has changed her life.  Although I haven't read it, I am sure it is filled with inspiring and transformational experiences throughout her years in the school--as most everyone who has ever gone to this school has experienced.  If you are considering going to the school and checking out, this might be the book that will inspire you to do so.

Crop Circle Connector:  THE website having to do with crop circles.  Amazing photographs of these enigmatic symbols imprinted upon unsuspecting farmer's fields by our mysterious friends from different worlds, whose message has to do with how important we really are and to waking us up.  Very highly recommended.

Wingmakers:  A truly amazing website about some chambers discovered in New Mexico that seem to be of extra-terrestrial (or future-time) origin.  What can I say about this site?  There are over 1000 pages of documentation regarding this whole project, including the story of it all, that really is out of this world.  For me, the art and music that has been discovered in these chambers hint at distant memories of a future time.  Be prepared to expand your mind by several dimensions if you are willing to put in the time to really investigate this site.  Click this quick intro to peak your curiosity.

FireStorm Spark Plugs:  I've seen a lot of scams in my life, but I don't believe this one is.  This guy named Robert Krupa invented these spark plugs that instead of sparking just across a small gap in order to ignite the cylinder, it is a plasma discharge that sparks across the entire inside of the cylinder, igniting the vapor fuel all at once and completely, supposedly giving more horsepower, about a 40% increase in fuel efficiency, and almost complete elimination of detrimental smog emissions.  Check out the article from Nexus Magazine.  He needs help getting production of these spark plugs going due to all of the resistance and cover up by the "Big Boys" in the industry.  His website is still in its infancy.

Nexus Magazine:  A great magazine about anything and everything unusual and not talked about in the mainstream media.  From free energy devices to extraterrestrials to the latest things big governments are doing that we should know about, you can expect very interesting and informative articles in every issue.

Mount Shasta Magazine:  A wonderful magazine on spirituality and helping you to realize Who You Are.  On the cutting edge with thought-provoking articles in the realms of science and spirituality that will usually make you think more about the magnificence of Who You Are and All That You Can Be.

Kleiner's Korner:  A very personable website about one man who is getting the truth out about what you wouldn't normally see in the mainstream media.

Pacific Domes:  This awesome site sells geodesic domes of all sorts, from shelters, to playgrounds, to "yurts", event domes to greenhouses.

Godserver--Alternative Health and Spiritual Directory:  The name about says it all.  One of the most comprehensive directories on the web in this field.

Will of the Wind:  A cute little website about anything that has to do with the wind, from wind chimes to weathervanes to banners to kites.  A very impressive links page to all kinds of interesting and unusual sites.


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